Tripura’s Queen Pineapple Gets GI Tag, Exports to Oman and Holland


The Queen pineapple of Tripura has recently earned a geographical indication (GI) tag, thanks to the efforts of the North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation (NERAMAC). This prestigious recognition is a significant milestone for the state’s agricultural sector, highlighting the unique quality and origin of Tripura’s Queen pineapple.

Following this achievement, Tripura is set to export its celebrated Queen pineapple to international markets. In an exciting development, the state has already dispatched 600 kg of Queen pineapples to Oman. Additionally, plans are underway to export the fruit to Holland, further expanding its global reach.

The GI tag is a testament to the distinctive characteristics and superior quality of Tripura’s Queen pineapple. This certification not only boosts the fruit’s market value but also ensures that the local farming community receives fair compensation for their produce. The initiative by NERAMAC aims to promote and protect the region’s agricultural products on a global scale.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb expressed his delight over the GI tag and the subsequent exports. “The recognition and export of Queen pineapple mark a proud moment for Tripura. This will enhance our farmers’ income and showcase our agricultural prowess to the world,” he said.

The export of Queen pineapples to Oman and the forthcoming shipments to Holland are expected to open new avenues for Tripura’s agricultural products. These international markets provide an opportunity for the state to showcase its high-quality produce, paving the way for future exports of other agricultural commodities.

Farmers in Tripura are optimistic about the potential benefits of the GI tag and international exports. Local pineapple farmer Ranjit Das shared his excitement, saying, “The GI tag for Queen pineapple is a game-changer for us. It will help us reach new markets and improve our livelihoods.”

The initiative by NERAMAC and the support from the state government are crucial in ensuring the success of these exports. By securing international markets, Tripura aims to boost its agricultural economy and enhance the standard of living for its farmers.

The Queen pineapple’s journey from the fields of Tripura to international markets is a remarkable achievement, reflecting the state’s commitment to promoting its agricultural heritage. As the world gets a taste of Tripura’s prized fruit, the future looks promising for the state’s agricultural exports.



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