Tripura’s Unakoti Set to Become a Major Tourist Attraction with Comprehensive Development Plan

Unakoti Tourist Spot

Tripura’s Tourism Department, under the leadership of Minister Sushanta Choudhury, is dedicated to enhancing the cultural and traditional significance of the state by developing various tourist spots. As part of this endeavor, the department has undertaken a special initiative to beautify and develop Unakoti, a famous tourist attraction often referred to as the Angkor Wat of North-East India. A comprehensive plan has been devised to revitalize Unakoti and transform it into a major tourist hotspot, drawing visitors from all around the world.

During a recent visit to Unakoti, the Tourism Minister held discussions with concerned officials regarding the special plans for the site’s beautification and development. He revealed that the project has secured significant financial backing of Rs 140 crore from the Asian Development Bank. This substantial funding aims to elevate Unakoti’s status and showcase Tripura as an alluring destination on the global tourism map.

Minister Choudhury expressed his enthusiasm for the project and stated that several other similar plans are in the pipeline. These projects will focus on attracting tourists to lesser-known yet captivating locations across the state, diversifying the tourist experience and promoting sustainable tourism.

Among the upcoming developments, the abandoned Sonamukhi tea plantation near Unakoti will witness a transformation. Plans include the construction of a three-star hotel, a large resort, a gymnasium, and a park to complement the important tourist spot of Unakoti. These additions are expected to enhance visitor experiences and provide a wider range of accommodation and recreational options.

Accompanying the Tourism Minister during the visit were MLA of Kailasahar Assembly Constituency Brijit Sinha, former MLA Mobaswar Ali, Uttam Kumar Chakma, Secretary of Tourism Department, Tapan Kumar Das, Director of Tripura Tourism Development Corporation Limited, and District Magistrate of Unakoti district Tarit Kanti Chakma, along with other officials.

The development of Unakoti and the Sonamukhi tea plantation is part of Tripura’s commitment to promoting tourism as a key driver of economic growth. By investing in the beautification and improvement of tourist spots, the state aims to create more employment opportunities and boost the local economy. Moreover, the government’s emphasis on sustainable and responsible tourism seeks to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the region.

Unakoti, known for its ancient rock-cut sculptures and intricate carvings, is a treasure trove of cultural heritage and holds immense potential as a tourist destination. With the comprehensive development plan underway, the site is set to captivate visitors with its historical significance and breathtaking beauty.

In conclusion, Tripura’s Tourism Department, under the guidance of Minister Sushanta Choudhury, is undertaking a remarkable initiative to enhance the allure of Unakoti and transform it into a major tourist attraction. The substantial financial backing from the Asian Development Bank reflects the significance of this project in elevating Tripura’s tourism industry. With a focus on sustainability and responsible tourism practices, the state is poised to showcase its cultural richness and natural splendor to the world, attracting travelers from far and wide to experience the charm of Tripura.



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