TSF Demands Roman Script for Kokborok, Stages Protests Across Tripura


(TSF) has taken to the streets to demand the adoption of the Roman script for the Kokborok language. Protests have erupted in various areas of Agartala and have spread across different parts of Tripura, as the TSF escalates its efforts to preserve and promote the indigenous language.

The TSF claims that using the Roman script for Kokborok, instead of its current script, would facilitate easier learning and dissemination of the language. Supporters argue that the Roman script’s familiarity due to its use in many languages worldwide could aid in wider adoption and help bridge the gap between generations.

Picketing various roadways in Agartala, the TSF members have been joined by locals, students, and cultural enthusiasts. Chants of “Kokborok in Roman script for a brighter future” echoed through the streets as protestors held placards and banners. The movement has gained momentum, with reports of similar demonstrations emerging from other parts of Tripura.

The demand for a change in script comes after discussions within the TSF about preserving the linguistic heritage of the region while adapting to modern communication trends. The organization believes that using the Roman script could enhance Kokborok’s presence on digital platforms, aiding its proliferation in the age of technology.

Local authorities have acknowledged the protests and the TSF’s demand. While the issue has sparked conversations about the best way to preserve indigenous languages in an evolving world, officials have yet to make a definitive statement regarding the potential script change.

As the demonstrations continue, the TSF remains resolute in its determination to secure the future of Kokborok through script reform. The ongoing protests underscore the deep-seated cultural pride and the dynamic challenges faced by linguistic preservation efforts in a rapidly changing society.



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