Unsung Heroes at Lengpui Airport: AAI Fire Station’s Swift Response Saves Lives


In a remarkable display of courage and efficiency, the personnel of Lengpui Airport’s Airports Authority of India (AAI) Fire Station emerged as unsung heroes on January 23. At 10:19 AM, a Myanmar Air Force aircraft encountered a perilous situation during its landing, skidding off onto the left side of the runway.

Swift action ensued as a Full Emergency was declared, and the AAI Fire Station duty personnel sprang into action with their Crash Fire Tender. Without hesitation, the firefighters reached the accident site and quickly doused the fuming engine, preventing the aircraft from catching fire and averting a potential disaster.

Facing the challenge of fuel leaking from the damaged aircraft, the firefighters skillfully applied foam to control the leakage, mitigating the risk. In the midst of the chaos, a separate team of brave firefighters entered the plane, rescuing all 14 Myanmar Air Force crew members on board.

Eight crew members, sustaining injuries during the incident, were promptly transported to Lengpui Primary Health Center for medical attention. The selfless and rapid response of the AAI Fire Station personnel played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved.

This incident serves as a testament to the crucial role played by airport emergency response teams, often operating behind the scenes. The dedication and bravery exhibited by these individuals underscore their commitment to ensuring the safety of air travel, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

As the news of this heroic rescue spreads, it’s a reminder that the true heroes are sometimes those whose actions go unnoticed, yet their contributions make a profound impact on the lives they save. The personnel of Lengpui Airport’s AAI Fire Station deserve recognition for their exemplary response and unwavering commitment to public safety.



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