Unveiling New Dimensions in Acute Pain Management: Dr. Shine Mohan T’s Pioneering Workshop


In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, acute pain management represents a critical area demanding innovative approaches and continuous professional development. Dr. Shine Mohan T, a renowned name in this domain, is leading a transformative workshop that promises to redefine the standards of acute pain treatment. Scheduled from February 23rd to 25th in Mumbai, this exclusive event is designed for medical professionals eager to enhance their expertise and effectiveness in managing pain.

 Dr. Mohan, a respected B.A.M.S graduate with a wealth of experience, has trained over 2500 medical professionals across India. His credentials include multiple speaking engagements at prestigious forums such as the Sitaram Ayurveda-Aachara Rasayanam series, VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakal, and the International Traditional Complementary & Alternative Medicine Conference in Dubai. His workshop, “Acute Pain Management: A New Dimension,” introduces a comprehensive suite of techniques that are both innovative and grounded in the rich tradition of osteopathic medicine. The Curriculum: A Blend of Theory and PracticeThe workshop’s curriculum is meticulously structured over three days, each focusing on different body regions and the associated pain management techniques. The methodologies covered include: Triggerpoint TherapyDry NeedlingStretchingMobilisationManipulation Participants will explore the judicious application of these therapies across various conditions, including cervical and upper back issues, upper and lower limb problems, and spine and pelvis pain. Moreover, the workshop will delve into managing specific ailments like tension headaches, migraines, vertigo, spondylitis, radiculopathy, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, knee pain, and many more. Comprehensive Learning Experience Dr. Mohan’s approach to education is holistic, emphasizing not just the mechanics of treatment but also the underlying anatomical and physiological principles. The workshop covers surface anatomy, physiology, clinical experiences sharing, diagnosis, and differential diagnosis, providing a robust foundation for all attendees. Moreover, it promises complete hands-on training, enabling participants to apply their learning in real-world scenarios effectively. Workshop Details and Benefits Scheduled from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm each day, the workshop not only offers lifetime knowledge and a certificate of completion but also includes breakfast, high tea, snacks, and lunch. The registration fee is set at ₹15,000, with an early bird offer of ₹13,500 for payments made by February 15th. Attendees will gain lifelong access to valuable resources, including PDFs, videos, and post-workshop support, ensuring they continue to benefit from Dr. Mohan’s expertise long after the event concludes. Additional Learning Opportunities As a bonus, the workshop will feature a cupping therapy demonstration and provide access to the recording of the online workshop “Art of Cupping,” further enriching the learning experience. Dr. Mohan’s commitment to his students’ growth extends beyond the workshop, offering lifelong support through WhatsApp and Telegram channels. Unique Selling Points What sets this workshop apart is its holistic approach, combining a wide array of techniques with Dr. Mohan’s decade-plus experience in successfully implementing them in clinical practice. This is the first workshop globally to offer such a comprehensive learning experience, tailored exclusively for medical professionals. Attendees will find the techniques easy to learn, given their existing knowledge in anatomy and physiology, and can master them with practice, significantly enhancing their clinical practice. Ensuring Continued Support and Development Dr. Mohan’s dedication to his students’ success is evident in the lifelong support offered post-workshop, a testament to his commitment to fostering a community of well-trained professionals capable of delivering superior care in acute pain management. Impact on Professional Practice By integrating the techniques learned in this workshop, medical professionals can expect to deliver faster and more effective results in managing common clinical conditions like migraines, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, radiculopathy, spondylitis, knee pain, and more. This not only elevates their practice but also significantly improves patient outcomes. Conclusion Dr. Shine Mohan T’s workshop on “Acute Pain Management: A New Dimension” is more than just a training event; it’s an opportunity for medical professionals to revolutionize their approach to pain management. With comprehensive training, hands-on experience, and ongoing support, participants are set to discover the healer within and make a profound impact on their practice and patients’ lives. 



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