Urgent Call for Help: Child Battling Pneumonia in Agartala Hospital Needs Assistance


Rocky Murasing’s heartfelt plea on Facebook has sparked a desperate call for assistance. He appeals to the warriors of Karbook to extend their support to the Tripura family and their ailing child, Dhumayati Tripura, who is currently battling pneumonia in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at GB Hospital in Agartala.

The patient’s mother, Samba Rani Tripura, and grandfather, Nidrabasi Tripura, remain by Dhumayati’s side during this critical time. Tragically, they find themselves struggling with the complexities of the healthcare system and are in dire need of financial aid.

Murasing, was initially informed about the patient’s condition by Garji Sub-zonal Chairman Mg. Raj Kishore Noatia, has already done his utmost to provide assistance. However, the gravity of the situation demands additional support, ideally from individuals residing in their local community.

The address provided for the family is Madhya Kishna Sadar Para, Patichhari, Karbook. It is crucial for anyone in their vicinity to come forward and offer their help during this trying period.

As the plea spreads across social media platforms, time is of the essence. The community’s united efforts can make a substantial difference in alleviating the burdens faced by the Tripura family. Their collective assistance and financial support could potentially provide the child with a fighting chance against pneumonia’s relentless grip.

It is imperative that the Karbook community and neighboring areas rally together to extend their helping hands to Dhumayati Tripura and her family. Every gesture, no matter how small, can bring hope and relief to those bearing the weight of this distressing situation.

Let us come together and demonstrate the strength of compassion, proving that in times of adversity, humanity shines brightest. The clock is ticking, and Dhumayati’s well-being hangs in the balance. Reach out, connect, and lend your support to this family in need.



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