West Tripura Begins Survey to Secure Enemy Properties

Magistrate Dr. Vishal Kumar

The District Magistrate of West Tripura, Dr. Vishal Kumar, announced the commencement of a comprehensive survey of enemy properties in the region. These properties, left behind by individuals who moved to East and West Pakistan during the partition, are being identified and meticulously surveyed to prevent misuse.

Dr. Kumar emphasized the importance of this initiative in ensuring that these properties, which have historical and legal significance, are protected and managed properly. He stated that the survey aims to create an accurate record of such properties, which will assist in their proper administration and prevent any illegal occupation or unauthorized use.

The survey, conducted by a dedicated team of officials, involves detailed inspections and documentation of each property. This process includes verifying ownership records, assessing the current state of the properties, and identifying any instances of encroachment. Dr. Kumar highlighted that this initiative is part of a broader effort to maintain law and order and safeguard public assets.

Local authorities have received numerous reports of enemy properties being illegally occupied or misused over the years. These properties, which hold significant value, have often been a source of contention and legal disputes. The current survey aims to address these issues by establishing clear and precise records, thus enabling more effective management and legal action if necessary.

Dr. Kumar assured the public that the survey is being conducted transparently and with the utmost regard for legal protocols. He urged residents to cooperate with the survey teams and provide any relevant information that could aid in the accurate documentation of these properties. The District Magistrate also mentioned that this initiative aligns with the government’s broader efforts to streamline property management and ensure legal compliance.

The initiative has received support from various quarters, including local community leaders and legal experts, who see it as a necessary step in preserving the integrity of the region’s historical assets. They believe that the survey will not only prevent misuse but also help in resolving long-standing disputes related to these properties.

As the survey progresses, Dr. Kumar and his team remain committed to completing the task efficiently and thoroughly. The documentation and findings from this survey will play a crucial role in future property management decisions and help in maintaining the rule of law in West Tripura. The community anticipates that this proactive measure will bring about a positive change and secure the rightful administration of enemy properties in the district.



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