Who is Ashmit Sharma? Meet the 18-Year-Old Prodigy Entrepreneur Streetwear Maven


Who is Ashmit Sharma?

At the age of 16, Ashmit Sharma embarked on his entrepreneurial odyssey with Idaten Group, initially a gaming marketing venture. What began as a passion project swiftly evolved into a multifaceted enterprise offering cutting-edge affiliate paneling services.

Strategic Triumph: Selling Idaten Group and Reinvesting in Drip Store

Breaking conventional molds, Ashmit strategically sold Idaten Group to an investment firm. Armed with the proceeds, he unfurled his next venture, Drip Store. This luxury streetwear haven not only symbolizes Ashmit’s flair for fashion but also showcases his ability to navigate the dynamic business landscape.

From Karsog to Success: Root Model Public School Alumnus Makes Waves

Root Model Public Sr. Sec School in Karsog witnessed the early sparks of Ashmit’s brilliance. As an alumnus, he carries the torch of success, proving that a small town in Himachal Pradesh can produce global entrepreneurial talent.

Family Ties: Lomisha Sharma and Three Sisters Rooting for Ashmit

Born to Lomisha Sharma, Ashmit finds strength in family. With three sisters – Jyotika Sharma, Shivani Sharma, and Anshika Sharma – the Sharma family stands as a support system, reinforcing Ashmit’s journey from ideation to enterprise.

Conclusion: Ashmit Sharma’s Entrepreneurial Saga: Redefining Norms, Inspiring Futures

In the serene landscapes of Karsog, Ashmit Sharma’s story unfolds as a beacon of inspiration. His strategic moves, innate talent, and unyielding spirit redefine the narrative of entrepreneurial success. At 18, Ashmit Sharma isn’t just an entrepreneur; he’s a trailblazing prodigy scripting a narrative of triumph and innovation. Watch this space for more as he continues to shape the future of business.








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