Will the next TTAADC VC election postpone? High Court order neglected Tripura Govt.


Is the State Government neglecting the order of the High Court of Tripura to conduct TTAADC elections within May 17, 2021?

Here’s, how it actually happen:

The order was passed by Tripura’s High Court Chief Justice Ak Qureshi and Justice SG Chatterjee after hearing a writ petition filed by Apu Debbarma and asking the State Government to hand over the power to the newly elected council by May 17, 2021. The term of the TTAADC Government came to an end on the same date as the election. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the election plan was dropped.

As after Tripura Governor was handed administration of TTAADC for 6 months and later on 17 November extended for another 6 months.

Now, what holds in TTAADC?
TTAADC is governed by a Council of 30 members. Out of 30 members, 28 are elected through adult suffrage, while 2 are nominated by the Governor, and Out of 28 seats, 25 seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes (ST).

Do, the political parties of Tripura have already started preparing for the elections to TTAADC or delayed story will be on repeat?