Year in Review: 5 Startling Crimes That Shook Assam in 2023


The year 2023 concludes, it is essential to reflect on the disturbing crimes that left an indelible mark on the northeastern state of Assam. These incidents, scattered across the region, not only deeply affected communities but also underscored the persistent need to address complex social issues.

Here are five shocking crimes that garnered significant media attention in Assam during the course of 2023.

  1. Gruesome Human Sacrifice Near Kamakhya Temple In April 2023, Assam police unraveled a horrifying human sacrifice case near the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, dating back to June 2019. During the annual Ambubachi mela, a 64-year-old woman met a tragic end, her body discovered wrapped in a blanket on the Jai Durga Temple steps. After a meticulous four-year investigation, a special police team apprehended five individuals, including Pradeep Pathak (52), a government employee from Uttar Pradesh, alleged to have orchestrated the killing as an “offering” to Goddess Kamakhya.
  2. Wife’s Brutal Act: Guwahati Woman Murders Husband and Mother-in-Law In a shocking incident, Bandana Kalita orchestrated the killing of her husband and mother-in-law, dismembering their bodies with assistance from her paramour and an accomplice. The gruesome crime came to light on February 19, leading to Bandana Kalita’s arrest. Despite the heinous act, a lower court in Guwahati granted bail to Bandana, stirring controversy and raising questions about the legal proceedings.
  3. Political Leader’s Tragic End: BJP Leader Jonali Nath Murdered in Goalpara The demise of BJP leader Jonali Nath in Lower Assam’s Goalpara district sent shockwaves through the state. Discovered near NH-17 on June 11, the Assam police’s criminal investigation department swiftly apprehended Congress politician Hasanur Islam (28) as the primary suspect in Jonali’s murder. While the police attributed the tragedy to a “love affair” between Jonali and Hasanur, family members vehemently denied such allegations.
  4. Love Turned Tragic: Golaghat Man Kills Wife and In-Laws A virtual relationship that commenced during the COVID-19 lockdown culminated in a devastating triple homicide in Golaghat district in July 2023. Nazibur Rahman Bora and Sanghamitra Ghosh’s online connection faced challenges, leading to their separation. Tensions escalated, resulting in Nazibur taking the lives of Sanghamitra and her parents, underscoring the tragic consequences of unresolved conflicts.
  5. Mystery Surrounding Assam Police SI Junmoni Rabha’s Death Assam Police sub-inspector Junmoni Rabha’s untimely demise under mysterious circumstances on May 16 in Jakhalabandha triggered public outrage. Initially considered a vehicular collision, Junmoni’s mother, Sumitra Rabha, alleged foul play and accused police officers, including then Nagaon SP Leena Doley. Despite initial CID involvement, the Assam Police recommended CBI intervention on May 20 for an impartial investigation. The mystery behind Junmoni Rabha’s death remains unsolved, with demands for a CBI probe persisting from her family, Rabha community organizations, and political entities.


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