You have the right to take pride when you grow from scratch but not with arrogance – Says Susmita Gupta


Ed Innova and Anaghtara’s founder Susmita Gupta has managed to carve her identity as a noted entrepreneur as well as a professional writer over the years. After leading its Industry for the last 4 years, Susmita Gupta’s venture Ed Innova has also added multiple feathers to its cap. Ever since its establishment, Ed Innova has enjoyed a special place in the heart of Indian and Dubai clients.

Speaking on the feat, Susmita Gupta founder of Ed Innova said “I had no idea what my life would hold when I began working as a freelancer in 2020, thus everything that has happened to me since then to get to this position has been beyond my wildest dreams. I give myself a pat on the back even when no one else does because I believe it doesn’t hurt to be proud of who you are. Many thousands of people are growing from scratch without helping hands, just like me. I bow down to you and thank you for your courage, self-belief, and never-give-up attitude – More Power!”

Ed Innova has offered its 360-degree branding solutions to lakhs of customers all across India and abroad. Various campaigns have been popularised through its reach among organic customers and intensified the buzz around the entire activity.

Susmita Gupta’s other venture Anaghtara deals with American diamond products and Healing crystals and the brand is coming up with its first flagship store in Noida. According to Google Susmita Gupta is widely known as the world Record Holder writer and author of 5 best-selling books. She is an Honorary Doctorate recognized for her writing talent and entrepreneurship.

Talking to her team they shared an insight about the company’s growth that Despite good revenue growth, Ed Innova spent heavily on advertising and branding expenses during FY22 – FY23 accounting for 20%-30% of its total expenses in both years. However, the company benefitted from growth in the scale of distribution channels. The company focuses on diversifying its presence across offline sales in Delhi NCR and coming up with a massive Award Event by the end of this year.



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