Youth Arrested with Drug Paraphernalia in Joint Operation


A notorious drug dealer of Khowai is in the net of the police. On Tuesday night at seven o’clock, in a joint operation of Baijalbari Fadi and Khowai police station, 89 bottles of fancidel were arrested and brought to Khowai police station along with a smuggler named Dilip Barman.

Nesha Karbari Dilip Burman. His house is in Khowai Pahmuda. He has been running drug business in different parts of the state including Khowai for a long time Dilip Burman, known as a drug dealer in the area, is running his rampant drug trade with a kind of dust in the eyes of the police. His earnings are associated with the drug trade. Complaints have been coming to the police for a long time and on Saturday they caught him red-handed along with a seagull Rajkumar Jamatia, OC of Khowai police station, said that the drug dealer was from Dilip Burman. Several drugs Fensidol were seized. The market price of a bottle will be 500 taka According to this, the market price of drugs is 44500 rupees.



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