Youth Injured in Bike Accident, in Swatganj


On Sunday afternoon, a Janjati youth was seriously injured in a bike accident in Dahram area of Swatganj. Injured Mithun Debbarma was rescued from the spot and taken to the primary health center in Swatganj. It is known that Mithun Debbarma lost control while coming from Puskar house with bike number TOT-07-7691 and met with an accident.

Eyewitnesses witnessed the incident and informed the staff of the fire brigade. The fire brigade personnel rescued the injured Mithun Debbarma from the spot and took him to the primary health center in Swatganj. On hearing about the incident, the family members of the injured Mithun Debbarma rushed to the primary health center of Vathganj. The doctor on duty at the primary health center, seeing the condition of the injured Mithun Debbarma, referred him to the GB hospital.



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