360 MW Power At Palatana In Tripura By OTPC


One of the subsidiary companies of ONGC Tripura power corporation Ltd (OTPC) is successfully running two power generation units with a combined capacity of 786 MW now they have planned to establish a 360 MW power unit in Tripura at Palatana plant in Gomati district, said the top company official on Thursday.

The 760 MW is running in seven northeastern states and all states have been receiving power from OTPC’s Palatana plant.

The OTPC Managing Director (MD), Sunil C Namboodiripad addressed on Friday “We have a plan to add one more power generation unit at Palatana plant with an installed capacity of 360 MW power. The OTPC has already secured environmental clearance for the proposed unit and required land”.

The Managing Director Namboodiripad was there to join the inaugural program of the North Eastern Badminton Championship.

He addressed his concern about the lack of funds for commissioning a third power generation unit at Palatana and the no death of water. “We are in talks with ONGC and GAIL to ensure supply of natural gas, the main fuel for running the power plant,” Namboodiripad said.

He also talked about the supply of gas at a ‘competitive price’ to plant financially available “ The present unit of cost of power stands at 3.50 per unit in Rupees. We will increase the third unit is OTPC gets gas at a competitive price and can produce power at Rs 3.50/4.00”, he stated.

The enhancement of old power plants and new power units is also talked about to the government by OTPC but no decision has been taken on this topic.