Former CM Manik Sarkar on Rising Cases of Violence in State


Tripura is experiencing a political unrest now-a-days. Cases of violence between opposition party are dwelling an unrest on political infrastructure creating a pressure.

The former CM of the state Manik Sarkar on Friday, observed that the state police was largely staying inactive in cases related to violence on opposition party workers owing to political pressure exerted by the ruling party. 

Sarkar said, “The police are directed by the political party ruling the state. This is an open secret now. In the recently held polls, people had been openly intimidated and threatened by saffron party activists in broad daylight. All this happened within just a few kilometers radius of the DGP’s office.” 

Further he added that, “He has been replaced by a successor who served for a long time in the state. But, he has not been in the state for long as well. After he assumed charge of the office, a series of incidents took place”, he added.

“In Jirania houses of opposition party workers were attacked. Similar is the experience here in Khayerpur”, said Sarkar while paying a visit to the house of Deepak Bardhan, a dedicated CPIM worker. 

“The BJP has sensed in which direction the political wind is actually blowing. This is why the Chief Minister has been changed. But changing face does not make any difference in the mode of governance. People were hired from Santirbazar, Belonia, and Mohanpur for rigging in the by-elections. The BJP has understood that they are isolated and cornered in the state politics and chances of revival are rare”. Sarkar further said explaining the attacks as an expression of the BJP’s fear.

 He said even police and TSR troopers are shedding tears of repentance for voting the BJP to power.