44th Kokborok Language Day


The 44th Kokborok Language Day going to be celebrated on Thursday. GMP will observe this day like any other years. The state government initiative is also supposed to be held.

On January 19, 1979, the first Left Front government was formed in Tripura and gave recognition and status to Kokborok as the state language. The Kokborok language never got any status during the long Rajnya rule and then the Congress rule.

Bengali was the state language in this state after Sanskrit and Persian. Daulat Ahmed and Radhamohan Tagore first composed Kokborok Grammar. But the royal rule did not get recognition.

In the 1970s, the tribals started a four-point demand for Kokborok language status as a state language, formation of ADC. Tripura Upajati Yuva Samiti, today known as IPFTIINPT, withdrew from this movement. The movement of four-point demands spread across the state on the initiative of the leftists. On March 3, 1975, the Jolaibari Revenue Circle Office was in disrepute.

The police opened fire on the peaceful procession. Dhananjaya Tripura was killed. Hundreds were injured. Martyr’s Day is celebrated on March 3 every year in memory of Language Martyr Dhananjay Tripura. After the formation of the first Left Front government in 1978, initiatives were taken to fulfill the four-point demands of the tribals. On January 19, 1979, the Kokborok language was given the status of a state language ADC is formed. Reconstruction of tribal reserves and return of ceded lands to tribals began.



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