Potter’s are Busy Making Idols of Saraswati


On the day of Republic Day on January 26, Sri Panchami Tithi, students and those who are thirsty for knowledge will worship the Goddess Bagh.

Potters are busy making idols of Goddess Saraswati On 26th January this month i.e. the day of Republic Day, on Sri Panchami Tithi, Komalmati students will worship Bagdevi Puja across the state.

Ahead of the puja of Bagdevi, the potters of Murti Para are busy making idols of Bagdevi. In Murti Para, the potters were busy making idols Although there are several more days left for Bagdevi’s puja.

The price of the statue will remain the same as other years even in the commodity price market However, prices of various materials ranging from clay to idols have increased abnormally. But however, housewives are also involved in making this idol this year and students are very excited.



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