A Three-Person Committee Is Created To Examine The Problems Of Dismissed Teachers In Tripura

Manik Saha

The Tripura government created a three-person committee under the direction of a former high court judge to investigate the problems facing the 10,323 teachers who were dismissed from their position by the authority.

Dr. Manik Saha, the chief minister of Tripura promised the fired teachers that something would be done for them in advance of the state assembly elections.

According to NC Debbarma, the Additional Secretary of Secondary Education, the state government has decided to establish an advisory group for presenting suggestions to handle the issues linked to the teachers fired as a result of a high court’s judgment in May 2014.

The Tripura High Court fired 10,323 teachers in May 2014 as a result of several petitions filed based on improper and unlawful appointments of the teachers in the state.

Manik Saha stated that he was seeking legal counsel to fix the problem. They want to help the fired teachers, but they are afraid of being found in contempt of court. They will have to wait, and he is sure that he will resolve the problem of the teachers.



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