Aakash-Byju’s Second Online Learning Centre on April 16 at Agartala


A new building located at 48 Hariganga Basak road (near B.R.Sarkar nursing home) is all set to host the second online learning centre of Aakash-Byju’s combine, which is slated to be inaugurated on April 16. The centre will not only serve as a new facility, but will also hold a felicitation program to honour students who have excelled in various exams, including the Tripura Science and Maths Talent Search exam. The inauguration and related events are scheduled to commence from 12-15 PM, as announced by Arindam Ghosh, Director of Aakash-Byju’s learning centre for online coaching.

Byju’s, which was founded in 2011 by a couple based in Bengaluru, launched its first learning app in 2015, while Aakash has been involved in coaching for a long time, mostly in the manual format. Recently, the two entities joined forces in a partnership and have achieved remarkable success in coaching students from Class I to XII through virtual teaching in India and abroad. The new learning centre signifies their continued commitment to offering quality online education to students across the country.



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