No Electricity in Poles of Paziabari Village, 60 Families Facing Issues


In the previous year 2016-17, in Paizabari village under 47 Ambasa Assembly, electric poles were installed in about 60 houses of the village. Electric meters were also installed at government expense.

Within a few days every house in the village is getting electricity connection. The people of the village believed in that But trust is broken. Electricity connection is still not done. After the first five years of the Ram era, deprived in the left era, the second phase began. Even today villagers could not see electric light in their houses. Despite assurances, no provision has been made for drinking water and no development of the only navigable road for the villagers. If he wins the 12th Assembly elections in 2018, the first work in a few months will be the development of electricity connection, drinking water and roads in Paizabari village.

The then BJP District President Parimal Debvarma promised After winning the assembly elections, he spent five years as an MLA and moved with government bodyguards. But he forgot his promise to the poor people. He did not set foot in Paizabari village for five years. In the 2023 assembly elections, the ruling party BJP has lost 47 Ambasa constituencies. Chittaranjan Debvarma of Tipramatha has won from this constituency. On Wednesday MLA Shri Debvarma visited Paizabari village. He also promised the villagers during the visit Will try to take measures by talking to the state government ministers and department heads Now let’s see how much the new MLA fulfills his promises.



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