Aanya Rawal: The Television Star Whose Crying Scenes Leave a Lasting Impression


Aanya Rawal told, “The director of Channa Mereya Serial Jeetu Sir appreciated me continuously for 3 days after I cried in a scene. I still remember him saying – ITNA ACHHA KAISE KARTI HAI TU BETA? The next time I was appreciated four times for another crying scene. Whenever we had a crying scene I was praised by him always. However emotional scenes take a toll on you. I remember I always used to get a headache whenever I cried in scenes. However it’s for a very limited time and in no time I was back to normal being happy and cheerful. My family always used to cry when they saw me crying onscreen. A lot of my friends told me that they didn’t feel like it was my first show seeing me act. A huge thank you to Sir and the entire team for making sure scenes come out good.”

Aanya Rawal, currently in Mumbai, born on 20th October, hails from a Punjabi family in Delhi, India. She is an Indian actress who made her way to prominence and fame with her acting debut in the year 2022 with the television serial ‘Channa Mereya’ on Star Bharat. Aanya played the role of Dimpy Garewal, the sister of the female lead.

Aanya’s popularity soared with her role in the Amazon Mini web-series ‘Physics Wallah’ , Maddam Sir on Sabtv.

She will be seen in a primary character in the upcoming Netflix web-series, which is being casted by Anti Casting. She has created a curiosity amongst the fans by uploaded few pictures on social media from the shoot however revealing the look and other details.

Throughout her career, Aanya has shown her versatility as an actress and her ability to portray a range of characters with ease. She is known for her natural acting. She has become a household name and has won the hearts of millions of fans. Aanya’s passion for acting and her hard work have paid off, and she is now considered one of the most promising actresses in the industry.

Her upcoming Netflix Project: https://english.newstracklive.com/news/anti-casting-picks-aanya-rawal-for-the-primary-role-in-netflix-upcoming-webseries-after-six-times-of-auditioning-sc17-nu346-ta346-1269201-1.html

Aanya’s biography: https://wikiwiki.in/actress/aanya-rawal-actress/



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