Aaranyak Opens Tailoring School in Manas for Indigenous Women

tailoring school

Aaranyak, an environmental conservation organization, has inaugurated a tailoring school in Manas, Assam, aimed at empowering indigenous women in the region. The initiative seeks to provide vocational training to women from marginalized communities, enabling them to gain valuable skills and become self-reliant.

The tailoring school, located in the Manas National Park area, aims to address the economic challenges faced by indigenous women in the region. By offering training in tailoring and garment making, the school provides women with an opportunity to earn a livelihood and support themselves and their families.

The inauguration ceremony of the tailoring school was attended by local dignitaries and community members, who expressed their appreciation for the initiative. They lauded Aaranyak’s efforts to empower indigenous women and create avenues for economic empowerment in the region.

The school will offer comprehensive training programs covering various aspects of tailoring and garment making, including pattern cutting, stitching, and finishing. The curriculum is designed to equip women with practical skills that are in demand in the local market, enabling them to secure employment or start their own tailoring businesses.

Aaranyak aims to enroll women from nearby indigenous communities in the tailoring school, prioritizing those who face economic hardships and lack access to educational opportunities. The organization believes that empowering women through vocational training not only enhances their economic prospects but also contributes to the overall development of their communities.

The establishment of the tailoring school in Manas reflects Aaranyak’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and empowering marginalized communities in Assam. By providing women with the tools and resources they need to thrive, the organization hopes to create a brighter future for generations to come.

In addition to vocational training, the tailoring school will also provide support services such as career counseling and job placement assistance. Aaranyak plans to collaborate with local businesses and organizations to create employment opportunities for graduates of the program.

The launch of the tailoring school in Manas marks a significant milestone in Aaranyak’s efforts to empower indigenous women in Assam. By investing in vocational training and skill development, the organization is paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future for women in the region.



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