Addressing Misinformation: Manipur Police Arrest Three for Spreading Fake News on Social Media


Manipur police have taken stringent action against the circulation of fake news on Facebook, leading to the arrest of three individuals in different locations within Imphal West and Imphal East districts in the past 24 hours.

Swift Police Action Against Fake News

Moirangthem Sanjit alias Boi (37) of Brahmapur Bheigyabati Leikai was arrested by the Imphal East district police for uploading and circulating fake news on Facebook. A Facebook page named ‘Boe Moirangcha’ had posted misleading information with the intent to spread fake news, generate fear, and incite conflict and hatred among communities.

Foiling Attempts to Incite Communal Disharmony

The police successfully thwarted an attempt to incite communal disharmony by countering false rumors and messages on social media. The misinformation aimed at creating tension between communities triggered a prompt response from the police, leading to the immediate tracking and arrest of two individuals in connection with the case registered at Lamphel PS, Imphal West District.

Stricter Measures Against Disseminating False Information

These arrests follow the state police’s repeated appeals to the public to refrain from circulating false information that could incite violence and disrupt law and order. The police emphasize the commitment to taking strict legal action against anyone found disseminating misleading information.

These efforts are crucial to maintaining social media integrity and preventing the potentially harmful consequences of false news. The arrests serve as a deterrent against the spread of misinformation, emphasizing the importance of responsible and accurate communication on digital platforms.




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