Aditya Jogani reaping praise from Indians as Nirvana’s lab-grown diamonds become a household name


Diamonds is one of the most lucrative and most demanded but not so affordable things nowadays for people across the country. And, Aditya Jogani introduced a like-for-like replacement of diamonds to Indians. He started developing lab-grown diamonds that certainly became a new trend among people and Gen-Z youth.

Diamond is something that everyone wants to buy but it is so costly that it becomes very difficult for many to buy the precious gem from the daily jewellery showrooms. So keeping the same thing in mind Aditya Jogani and his wife Avani founded a brand Nirvana that went viral across the globe in no time.

This development coming from an Indian business tycoon certainly took India’s flag in jewellery industry to a different stage. He managed to leave a big positive impact on the diamond market across the globe starting from his home country India. He set the foundation of Nirvana back in 2016.

Nirvana didn’t need any traditional marketing stint but its mouth publicity among youth was enough to place lab-grown diamond as the new trend in the market. The impact was so big that diamond companies started feeling the heat and challenge as the people were more interested in buying differently crafted and cheaper diamonds from Nirvana than buying it at a costly price from showrooms.

The I.P of Nirvana is that the lab-grown diamonds are crafted as per the requirement of the customer and this is an attractive thing from a customer perspective. Nirvana has managed to get some top tenders from government tenders in order to promote this new technology of lab-grown diamonds.

With surging prices of diamonds and jewellery across the globe, Aditya Jogani and Avani Jogani have certainly done a fantabulous job by giving the Indian middle class a choice of diamonds that gives them utterly good confidence.



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