Advice For New Couriers


Are you looking to start courier work? These days, many people work as a courier as a way to raise some extra money. There is a lot of work out there for couriers, and it can be a flexible side hustle, but it is also daunting when you are starting out. Although it is easy to start courier work, the work itself can be challenging and demanding. A few handy tips for new couriers should help you overcome these challenges and hit the ground running. Hopefully, this will help you make good money and develop a positive reputation.

Plan Your Route In Advance

You should always plan your route in advance when embarking on a new delivery. You should use a GPS app that will be able to identify the quickest route and provide directions for you. When you plan the most efficient route, you will hit your target, satisfy your customers, keep fuel costs down, and maximize the work completed daily.

Get To Know Your Area

You should use route planning apps, but it is also helpful to know the area where you will be completing deliveries. Knowing shortcuts/alternative routes, traffic patterns, busy areas, and places where you can leave your vehicle while you make a delivery is helpful. This will also give you more confidence when out on the roads.

Use Load Boards To Find Work

In terms of finding work, the best option for new delivery drivers is load boards. These are websites that list jobs that you can bid on, which allows you to pick and choose jobs that are suitable for you. A load board will allow you to find a steady stream of work so that you can make money instantly, as well as build your experience and confidence. Many load boards have thousands of jobs to choose from, and new jobs are added daily, so it should not be too challenging to find ongoing work.

Take On A Manageable Workload

Obviously, you will want to make as much money as possible with courier work, but you need to make sure you take on a manageable workload. If you take on too many jobs each day, you might find it hard to meet deadlines and disappoint your customers. Additionally, courier work can be stressful when working to tight deadlines, so to start with, it is best to take on an easy amount so that you can minimize stress and keep customers happy.

Don’t Neglect Customer Service

Following this, you should not neglect the importance of customer service. When completing deliveries, you should always be friendly yet professional and willing to engage in conversation. This is important because it will help you develop a positive reputation, making it much easier to find regular work.

These tips should be useful and help you hit the ground running as a courier. Courier work can be a great side hustle, but you need to know how to excel and handle some of the challenges involved with the role.



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