Agartala GRPS Seizes Significant Haul of Contraband from Railway Station


Agartala Government Railway Police Station (GRPS) acted on confidential information, resulting in the recovery and seizure of a substantial quantity of contraband from the Agartala Railway Station area. A total of 800 bottles of Escuf Cough Syrup and 26 kilograms of dry ganja were confiscated as they were found unclaimed.

The successful operation, conducted based on a tip-off, showcased the efficiency of the law enforcement agencies in cracking down on illegal activities. The Agartala GRPS, upon receiving the secret information, promptly moved to the Agartala Railway Station area, where the unclaimed contraband was discovered.

The seized items included 800 bottles of Escuf Cough Syrup, a commonly abused medication, and 26 kilograms of dry ganja. The authorities suspect that these items were intended for illegal distribution or trade. The operation not only prevented the potential misuse of the cough syrup but also curtailed the illegal trafficking of narcotics in the region.

The Agartala GRPS emphasized the significance of community cooperation and information-sharing in tackling such issues. The unclaimed status of the seized items suggests an attempt to evade law enforcement scrutiny, but the prompt action by the GRPS thwarted any illicit activities associated with these substances.

Investigations are underway to trace the source and intended recipients of the contraband. The authorities are committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.



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