Tripura Police Attacked: Five Injured During Operation to Destroy 60,000 Cannabis Plants


Security Personnel Face Hostility After Anti-Drug Operation

In a concerning turn of events, security personnel in Tripura faced a violent attack while returning from a mission to destroy a massive cannabis plantation. The incident occurred in the Panchabati area of Sidhai Mohanpur village in West Tripura district on Thursday evening.

Attacked by Two Groups

The targeted operation involved a joint effort by security forces from the West District police, Central Reserve Police Force, and Tripura State Rifles. These forces had come together to eradicate approximately 60,000 cannabis plants. However, upon completion of their mission, they were met with hostility from two separate groups of individuals.

Injuries and Response

During the attack, the security personnel were pelted with bricks and stones, resulting in injuries to five individuals from the Tripura police and Tripura State Rifles. The injured were promptly treated for their wounds and subsequently discharged from the hospital, as reported by an officer from the police headquarters in Agartala, the state capital.

Investigation Underway

Following the assault, a case has been registered, and an official investigation has been initiated to identify the attackers. The security team had parked their vehicles at a distance from the cannabis farm in Panchabati. As they were making their way back after successfully destroying the illicit plants, one group attacked them with stones, while another vandalized the police vehicles.

Crackdown on Drugs Continues

This unfortunate incident comes amid Tripura’s sustained efforts to combat the cultivation and distribution of illegal drugs in the state. According to official records, nearly 2.8 million cannabis plants have been destroyed this year alone as part of the ongoing anti-drug campaign in Tripura.

As authorities work to ensure the safety and well-being of their personnel, the incident highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement in tackling illegal activities and the importance of continued efforts to maintain law and order.



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