BJP Gains Momentum in Tripura as Ampi Mandal Unit Conducts Organizational Programme


In a strategic move ahead of the anticipated Lok Sabha elections in 2024, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tripura has intensified its organizational efforts. Ampi mandal, under the leadership of its president, Shibnath Jamatia, recently conducted a successful electoral organizational programme at the Ampi BJP party office premises and in Gamaku village, falling under the 41 Ampi constituency in Gomati, Tripura.

The program, initiated by the Ampi mandal BJP unit, aimed to strengthen the party’s grassroots presence and prepare for the upcoming electoral challenges. As part of the campaign, the BJP has been actively engaging with the local population, convincing them to align with the party’s vision and goals.

A notable highlight of the organizational programme was the inclusion of 24 voters from Gamaku village who formally joined the BJP, departing from the Tipra Motha Party. This shift in allegiance was celebrated by the Ampi mandal leadership, including president Shibnath Jamatia and mandal general secretary Prasanta Saha. The newcomers were warmly welcomed into the BJP fold, and they were encouraged to actively participate in the party’s activities.

The move indicates a growing support base for the BJP in the Ampi constituency, with the organizational programme serving as a platform for attracting new members. The emphasis on grassroots engagement and community outreach underscores the party’s commitment to expanding its influence at the local level.

Shibnath Jamatia, expressing his optimism, stated that this is just the beginning, and the party expects more individuals to join in the coming days. The strategic efforts of the Ampi mandal BJP unit are part of a broader plan to consolidate support and build a formidable presence in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections.



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