Assam Rifles Launches Successful Operation, Destroys Cannabis Plantations Worth Rs 1.5 Crore in Tripura


In a major crackdown on illegal activities, Assam Rifles, in collaboration with local authorities, successfully destroyed cannabis plantations valued at Rs 1.5 crore in the General Area of Kalam Chowra, Sephaijala District, Tripura. The joint operation, initiated based on specific information provided by Assam Rifles sources, marks a significant step in the ongoing fight against drug-related crimes in the region.

The illegal cannabis plantations, spanning approximately 10 acres of forest land, consisted of an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 cannabis plants. The destruction, carried out by a team comprising Assam Rifles personnel, local police station representatives, and forest officials, involved burning the illicit plants. The operation aimed not only to eliminate the immediate threat posed by the illegal cultivation but also to send a strong message against such activities.

The team, upon reaching the identified plantation area, strategically deployed its personnel to cover all approaches. The systematic destruction of the cannabis plants was executed with precision, ensuring that the approximate market worth of Rs 1.5 crores went up in smoke. The forest department played a crucial role in coordinating and executing the operation.

This successful anti-drug operation comes as part of Assam Rifles’ ongoing efforts to curb illegal activities in the region. Earlier this month, a joint operation by Assam Rifles and police commandos in Thoubal led to the recovery of arms, ammunition, and war-like stores from Salam Patong and Moidangpok. The security forces, acting on a tip-off, established a cordon around the village, resulting in the confiscation of two weapons, twelve hand grenades (including stun and tear grenades), three 40 mm shells, two radio sets, and two arming rings.

The coordinated efforts between Assam Rifles and local law enforcement agencies highlight the commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region. The destruction of the cannabis plantations not only eliminates a source of illicit income for criminals but also contributes to the larger goal of eradicating drug-related activities in Tripura. As such, the latest operation is expected to have a significant impact on the ongoing battle against narcotics and illegal cultivation in the state.



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