Agartala Takes Decisive Action to Ease Traffic Woes: Mayor Dipak Majumdar Chairs Review Meeting


In a significant move spearheaded by Mayor Dipak Majumdar, the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) in Tripura has unveiled a comprehensive strategy to tackle persistent traffic congestion. The initiative aims to ensure a smooth flow on city streets, addressing challenges posed by increasing traffic in Agartala.

Mayor Dipak Majumdar’s Ambitious Plan to Tackle Traffic Woes

Mayor Dipak Majumdar spearheaded a crucial review meeting at AMC today, revealing the ambitious plan to combat the long-standing issue of traffic congestion in Agartala. The mayor emphasized that the measures were part of a broader initiative to confront the challenges posed by the increasing volume of traffic in the city.

Special Evacuation Drive Announced

During the meeting, it was disclosed that a special evacuation drive would be launched in the AMC area, commencing from Monday. This initiative comes on the heels of successful measures implemented before the Durga Puja festival. Mayor Dipak Majumdar stressed the significance of this operation in alleviating traffic woes in the city.

Mayor Dipak Majumdar

Strict Measures Against Unauthorized Businesses and Parking Violations

Mayor Majumdar highlighted key decisions made during the meeting, stating that businesses operating without a proper vendor license within the corporation area must vacate their premises within the next two days. Failure to comply will result in an eviction drive starting Monday. Additionally, stringent actions are set to be taken against vehicles parked in designated no-parking zones across the city. These measures, constituting part of a comprehensive traffic management plan, will be implemented in the next two days.



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