Agartala’s Weekend Tourist Hub Set to Revitalize Cultural Enchantment from December 17


Agartala, the capital city of Tripura, is gearing up to reinvigorate its Weekend Tourist Hub in front of the Ujjayanta Palace, marking a promising resurgence in tourism activities starting December 17.

Initiated by the state government, the Weekend Tourist Hub is a strategic endeavor aimed at drawing visitors to the cultural and historical richness of the region. After a brief hiatus, the Tourism Development Corporation of Tripura has announced the resumption of the Weekend Tourist Hub, accompanied by some noteworthy changes.

Scheduled to take place every Sunday from 4 pm to 8 pm, the revived hub seeks to offer a delightful experience to both locals and tourists alike. Notably, a previous restriction designating the Ujjayanta Palace area as a ‘no parking zone’ during the Weekend Tourist Hub has been lifted, allowing more accessibility for attendees.

To enhance the cultural ambiance, organizers have planned a series of cultural functions at the right side of the main entrance of Ujjayanta Palace. This addition aims to captivate the audience with performances that showcase the rich heritage and artistic vibrancy of the region.

Security measures have also been bolstered to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors. The deployment of police personnel in plain clothes and the installation of surveillance cameras (CCTVs) will contribute to the overall safety and security of the event.

While the initial phase of the initiative faced a lukewarm response, organizers are optimistic about a more enthusiastic turnout this time around. The resumption of the Weekend Tourist Hub not only provides an avenue for cultural exploration but also presents an opportunity for local businesses to thrive as the footfall of visitors increases.



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