Agriculture Minister Inaugurates Farmers’ Livelihood Meet Emphasizing Agricultural Development


In a move to prioritize agricultural development and enhance the welfare of farmers, Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Ratanlal Nath inaugurated the Teliamura block-based Farmers’ Livelihood Meet at the Teliamura block office premises on Wednesday.

During the inauguration, Minister Ratanlal Nath highlighted the crucial role played by agriculture and related sectors in the economic development of the state. He expressed the government’s commitment to taking various measures for the advancement of agriculture and the well-being of farmers. Nath emphasized that the government is dedicated to elevating the socio-economic standards of rural communities by giving significant importance to agriculture-based sectors.

As part of the event, Minister Nath also inaugurated the Proti Ghore Sushason Camp under the Vikshit Bharat Sankalp Yatra and the Proti Ghore Sushason 2.0 campaign, extending the outreach of agricultural welfare initiatives to every household.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Nath highlighted the collaborative efforts of both the central and state governments in implementing diverse plans for agricultural development and farmer welfare. He shared that over 2 lakh farmers in the state have already benefited from the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sammannidhi Yojana, with approximately 23,000 farmers in the Khowai district alone.

Minister Nath shed light on the ongoing initiatives to introduce drone technology to address various agricultural needs. Additionally, he revealed that over 3 lakh 27 thousand farmers have been issued Kisan credit cards in the last five years, showcasing the government’s commitment to empowering farmers through financial inclusivity.

The Farmers’ Livelihood Meet serves as a platform to discuss and address the challenges faced by farmers while providing them with valuable insights and information on modern agricultural practices. Minister Nath’s proactive involvement in such initiatives underscores the government’s dedication to fostering agricultural growth and ensuring the prosperity of farmers in the state.



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