AK Mishra’s Visit: Chief Minister of Tripura Discusses Tribal Development Initiatives


Chief Minister of Tripura, Professor (Dr.) Manik Saha, and AK Mishra, the Advisor of the Union Home Ministry for the North Eastern Region, engaged in discussions focusing on the holistic development of the state’s tribal communities. The courtesy meeting, held on Monday afternoon, delved into the various initiatives undertaken by the state government to address the challenges faced by these communities.

In a post on social media, Chief Minister Dr. Saha stated, “We discussed various issues at length related to the overall development of our Janajati communities. I also requested that he meet Janajati leaders of all political parties, including Janajati Samajpati, to obtain a direct perception of the socio-economic and infrastructural development aspects.”

During the meeting, Chief Minister Saha highlighted the implementation of key development schemes in tribal areas, emphasizing the strides made in road infrastructure, electricity, and drinking water facilities. The advisor, AK Mishra, was apprised of the ongoing efforts and future initiatives aimed at the development of the indigenous people of the state.

Moreover, Chief Minister Saha suggested that Advisor Mishra engages with social leaders and representatives from diverse indigenous groups within the state. This interaction would provide invaluable insights into the socio-economic development of different tribes, facilitating a more nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities.

Expressing the government’s commitment to development, Chief Minister Saha asserted, “Development is the main mantra of this government. In the future too, people of all castes and tribes will propel the state forward by embracing the path of development.”

The meeting between Chief Minister Professor (Dr.) Manik Saha and Advisor AK Mishra underscores the collaborative approach between the state government and the Union Home Ministry to address the unique needs and aspirations of Tripura’s tribal communities, steering the state toward inclusive growth.



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