Akhil Gogoi Collaborates with AJP’s Lurinjyoti Gogoi to Form New Regional Party in Assam

Akhil Gogoi

Akhil Gogoi, the President of Raijor Dal, has initiated discussions with Lurinjyoti Gogoi, the leader of Asom Jatiya Parishad (AJP), to establish a new regional political entity in Assam. This decision comes as part of efforts to consolidate smaller parties into a unified front to bolster regional representation and address state-specific concerns.

The proposal to form a new political party aims to bring together like-minded individuals and organizations committed to advocating for the interests of Assam and its people. Akhil Gogoi, known for his activism and advocacy for the rights of marginalized communities, expressed optimism about the potential merger, highlighting the importance of a united approach to address the challenges facing the state.

The move comes at a crucial juncture in Assam’s political landscape, with a growing demand for stronger regional voices and representation. By uniting various smaller parties under one umbrella, the new political entity seeks to provide a platform for grassroots leaders and activists to articulate the aspirations of the people and influence policy decisions at the state level.

Both Akhil Gogoi and Lurinjyoti Gogoi have emphasized the need for a fresh perspective in Assam’s political discourse, one that prioritizes the interests of the state’s diverse population and promotes inclusive development. They believe that a unified regional party can effectively address the socio-economic challenges facing Assam and work towards building a more equitable and prosperous future for its citizens.

The proposed merger signals a strategic realignment within the state’s political landscape, with the potential to reshape alliances and electoral dynamics ahead of upcoming elections. As discussions progress, stakeholders across the political spectrum will closely monitor developments to gauge the impact of the new regional party on Assam’s political trajectory.

While the formation of the new political entity is still in its early stages, Akhil Gogoi and Lurinjyoti Gogoi have expressed their commitment to fostering unity and collaboration among different stakeholders to advance the interests of Assam and its people. As the process unfolds, the political landscape in Assam is likely to witness significant shifts, with implications for the state’s future governance and development agenda.



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