Akhil Gogoi Predicts Badruddin Ajmal’s Retirement from Politics by 2026

Manas National Park

Sivasagar MLA Akhil Gogoi, President of the People’s Party, has made a significant prediction regarding the political landscape of Assam. Following a visit to Manas National Park, Gogoi asserted that Badruddin Ajmal, leader of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), will retire from politics after the 2026 elections. Gogoi’s statement comes amidst speculation about potential changes in Assam’s political dynamics and has drawn attention from both supporters and critics.

Gogoi’s prediction has added fuel to the ongoing discussions about the future of Assam’s political parties and leaders. As a prominent figure in Assam’s political scene, Gogoi’s statements hold weight and are likely to influence public opinion. His assertion about Ajmal’s retirement has sparked debate about the potential implications for AIUDF and the broader political landscape of the state.

The prediction comes at a time when Assam is gearing up for the 2026 elections, with political parties already strategizing and planning their campaigns. Gogoi’s statement suggests that significant changes may be on the horizon, signaling a potential shift in power dynamics within the state.

Ajmal, a key figure in Assam’s politics, has led AIUDF for several years and has been a prominent voice for minority communities in the state. His retirement would mark the end of an era in Assam’s political history and could have far-reaching consequences for the state’s political landscape.

Gogoi’s prediction has raised questions about the factors driving Ajmal’s potential exit from politics. While Gogoi did not provide specific reasons for his assertion, speculation has arisen about possible motivations behind Ajmal’s decision, including concerns about his health, personal reasons, or strategic considerations within AIUDF.

The statement by Gogoi underscores the fluid and dynamic nature of Assam’s political environment, where alliances shift, and leaders rise and fall over time. As the state approaches the 2026 elections, political observers will be closely monitoring developments within AIUDF and other parties to gauge the potential impact on Assam’s political future.

While Gogoi’s prediction may be met with skepticism by some, it reflects the uncertainty and speculation surrounding Assam’s political landscape. As the state prepares for the next phase of its democratic journey, the statements and actions of key political figures like Gogoi and Ajmal will continue to shape the narrative and influence the direction of Assam’s politics in the years to come.



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