Alarming Backlog: Over 49,000 Cases Await Resolution in Tripura Courts


In a startling revelation during the inaugural session of the 13th Tripura legislative assembly, it came to light that as of October 31, 2023, a staggering total of 49,020 cases were awaiting resolution across various levels of the state’s judicial system.

Responding to queries from Tripura CPI-M MLA Nirmal Biswas and Tipra Motha MLA Animesh Debbarma, the Tripura law department disclosed a detailed breakdown of the pending cases. Shockingly, 1,211 cases are in limbo at the Tripura High Court, while the remaining 47,809 cases, consisting of 11,896 civil and 35,913 criminal cases, are yet to see closure in the lower courts.

Not stopping at the overall figures, legislators sought specific information on cases involving the Tripura government. As of August 31, 2023, the Tripura High Court has 535 pending cases against the state government, with an additional 266 cases awaiting resolution in the Supreme Court.

Addressing Legal Gridlock: A Closer Look at the Numbers

The revealed statistics shed light on the pressing need for expedited legal processes in Tripura. With a substantial number of cases at various stages of the judicial system, there is a growing concern regarding the efficiency and speed of the state’s legal machinery.

The disclosure prompted legislators to raise questions about the factors contributing to the backlog and the measures in place to streamline the legal processes. As the state grapples with an extensive legal backlog, finding effective solutions becomes imperative to ensure timely justice for citizens.



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