Esha Soni and Keshav Agrawal Spearhead Atalchatra’s Game-Changing Venture: HarmoniXchange Set to Transform Music Distribution


Atalchatra, a prominent production, distribution, and marketing powerhouse in India, is on the brink of launching a revolutionary music startup – HarmoniXchange. The brains behind this innovative initiative are none other than Esha Soni and Keshav Agrawal, two visionaries poised to reshape the music distribution landscape.

Renowned for its collaborative efforts with distinguished artists such as Kapil Sharma, Arijit Singh, Jaya Kishori, Kanhaiya Mittal, and esteemed labels like Saregama, Sheemaro, Sawariya, among others, Atalchatra stands tall as an influential force in the industry. Their impressive portfolio extends beyond artistic collaborations, having also forged successful partnerships with various government entities, solidifying their reputation as a versatile and accomplished organization.

At the heart of their latest venture lies HarmoniXchange, an avant-garde dashboard set to revolutionize the music industry’s distribution paradigm. This cutting-edge platform empowers labels to seamlessly upload and distribute their music globally across Digital Service Platforms (DSPs). Moreover, it facilitates the seamless licensing of songs on prominent platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Wynk, iTunes, Apple Music, and more. Insider sources confirm that the brainchild behind this groundbreaking initiative is Esha Soni.

The significance of HarmoniXchange transcends conventional music distribution platforms. Beyond offering streamlined song ingestion and distribution, this innovative dashboard promises daily streaming tracking and an array of additional services. Its impending arrival signifies Atalchatra’s unwavering commitment to shaping the future of music dissemination, catering to the evolving needs of the industry.

The influence of Esha Soni and Keshav Agrawal in steering this transformative project cannot be overstated. Their expertise and forward-thinking approach are set to propel HarmoniXchange into the spotlight, promising to redefine how music reaches global audiences.

As anticipation mounts for the imminent launch of HarmoniXchange, industry insiders are abuzz with excitement. The prospect of a platform that not only simplifies but also enhances the music distribution process is generating significant interest. With Esha Soni and Keshav Agrawal at the helm, HarmoniXchange is poised to chart a new course, marking a watershed moment in the music industry’s evolution.



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