Alihaider: A Multifaceted Professional with Dual Degrees and Diverse Experience


Alihaider is a remarkable individual with a diverse range of skills and experiences. Holding dual degrees in Business Management and Computer and Network Engineering Technology, he is a true embodiment of a lifelong learner and a passionate business enthusiast.

With a stint at IBM Middle East as an IT Internee, Alihaider gained valuable insights into the world of technology and honed his problem-solving abilities. His responsibilities included providing IT support to new employees and efficiently handling IT requests from the network.

Following his time at IBM, Alihaider embarked on a new venture as a Market Researcher for Application Development at Tejuri, Dubai. During this role, he gained valuable market insights and contributed to the development of an e-commerce app endorsed by the Department of Economic Development. Alihaider’s dedication and attention to detail were instrumental in creating a comprehensive database of businesses in Dubai.

However, his journey was not limited to the corporate world alone. He also explored his entrepreneurial side by co-founding AM Car Rental in Canada. Although the venture faced challenges and eventually did not come to fruition, it exemplifies Ali’s tenacity and determination to pursue opportunities that align with his passion.

Beyond his professional achievements, Alihaider has also actively participated in volunteer activities. He played a vital role in the Refugee Programme with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC-EUMC), helping students settle into their new lives in Canada. By providing support, guidance, and friendship, Alihaider assisted around 8 to 10 students in finding their footing and integrating into Canadian society.

Currently, Alihaider is engaged with Cellusys, a signaling firewall company, where he is involved in project management and logistics. His ability to combine his expertise in both business management and engineering gives him a unique edge in tackling complex challenges and devising innovative solutions.

Alihaider’s diverse experiences and educational background have equipped him with a well-rounded skill set that spans business development, IT, and project management. His passion for continuous learning and his dedication to making a positive impact makes him an exceptional professional in the corporate world and beyond. With a track record of academic excellence and a penchant for adventure, Ali Haider’s journey is undoubtedly one to watch as he continues to excel and make a mark in various spheres of life.

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