AMC to Clamp Down on Illegal Traders for a Cleaner, Traffic-Free Agartala


In a decisive move to transform Agartala into a clean and traffic-free city, the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) has announced a stern action plan against illegal traders who encroach upon public spaces and disrupt traffic flow. This initiative aims to reclaim the streets for pedestrians and vehicles, ensuring a more organized and pleasant urban environment.

The Menace of Illegal Encroachments

The rampant presence of illegal traders on pavements, sidewalks, and roads has long been a major concern for Agartala residents. These encroachments not only hinder pedestrian movement but also create traffic congestion, making it difficult for vehicles to navigate smoothly. The haphazard placement of stalls and makeshift structures also detracts from the city’s aesthetics, creating an impression of disorder and neglect.

AMC’s Stern Action Plan

To address these issues, the AMC has formulated a comprehensive action plan to eradicate illegal trading activities from public areas. This plan involves:

  • Eviction Drives: The AMC will conduct regular eviction drives to remove illegal traders from encroached areas. These drives will be supported by adequate police force to ensure compliance.
  • Identification of Illegal Structures: The AMC will identify and demolish illegal structures that obstruct public spaces and hinder traffic flow.
  • Strict Enforcement of Rules: The AMC will strictly enforce existing rules and regulations governing vending activities in public spaces.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: The AMC will launch public awareness campaigns to educate residents about the negative impacts of illegal trading and encourage support for the crackdown.

Creating a Cleaner and Traffic-Free Agartala

The AMC’s stern action plan against illegal traders is a welcome step towards transforming Agartala into a cleaner and traffic-free city. By reclaiming public spaces and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic, the AMC is creating a more livable and enjoyable urban environment for all residents.

The success of this initiative will depend on the AMC’s continued commitment to enforcement and the cooperation of the public. By working together, the AMC and the citizens of Agartala can create a city that is not only clean and traffic-free but also a testament to their collective responsibility and civic pride.



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