An Unemployed Man Attempted A False Case To Get Free Meals In Jail In Kolkata


To get a free meal every day, a Kolkata man appeared before the police at the Bansdroni station late at night and made a false confession of killing his brother.

“I killed my elder brother, arrest me”, said the man to the police, who also took them to the spot and recovered the body with a pillow on his face. However, after the autopsy, it was found that the elder brother of that person was not killed at all, but instead died of a cerebral stroke.

As per the reports of the police, the elder brother asked his brother to do this so that he might not die of starvation. Fearing that his unemployed brother would die of starvation after his death, he told his brother to go to the police and surrender, telling a ‘story’ of the murder. Before his death, he told his brother that if he was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, he would be able to live and eat in jail for life at the government’s expense. That’s why my brother did so many things as per his grandfather’s last wish. Police are also looking into whether brother Shubhashis was suffering from mental depression.

According to the police, the incident took place in Niranjan Palli of Bansdroni. The deceased was identified as Debashis Chakraborty, 48. Here he lived in a small house with his brother Shubhashis. The mother of Debashis and Shubhashis was an employee of the Ceramics Institute in Jadavpur. Their father had already died. After retirement, the mother received a pension of Rs 35,000. Debashis, the eldest son of the family, used to work in the same company. But while working, his eyes got damaged. As a result, even though he could not work, he received a pension of Rs 15,000 per month. The younger son Shubhashis used to have a job in Malda. He has been unemployed since 2017.

As per the source, their family used to earn about rs.50000 and rent a flat in Bansdroni, South Kolkata. After the death of their mother, their father’s pension was discontinued and the two brothers left the flat and rented a small house in Niranjan Palli to run the family for Rs. 15,000. Shubhashis claimed that his grandfather was also not in good health. A few days ago, Debashis told his brother that he might not live long. After his death, the Rs 15,000 pension will also be stopped. Shubhashis will not have money to stay and eat. But after the death of the elder brother, he went to the police station and said that he had killed his elder brother thinking if he is arrested on murder charges, he will not be deprived of food and shelter if he goes to jail.