Casting Votes From Home, Introduced First Time In Tripura


Votes casting for the by-election in Tripura officially starts on Friday. The poll officials visited houses of voters with disabilities or above 80 years of age, making it easier for them to cast their rightful votes without facing any troubles.

Initially, this is the first time in Tripura that poll officials have done this method of voting. The voters above 80 years or so have been able to cast their mandate votes from their homes. Since early morning, poll officials with all the necessary documents started the polling by visiting the residences of targeted voters. However, heavy rains caused the activities troublesome and were suspended later in the day.

As per the source, several elderly persons, including Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha’s mother Surjya Bala Saha, remained witness to the whole new poll method adopted this year to ensure hassle-free participation of elderly persons in the elections process.

“I am very glad that the election department has taken this initiative for the aged people. Earlier, we had to stand in long queues during election time. This initiative has relieved us to an extent” said CM Manik Saha’s mother Surjya Bala Saha.

On being asked about her son, she said, “This time the elections are very special as my son is contesting from the constituency where we live.”

“The poll process started today, but due to heavy rains, we had to stop the poll process. We are yet to receive the final figures of polling that took place today,” said the returning Officer of 8-Bordowali constituency, Ashim Saha.