Anas Haloui: The Dazzling Light of Belgian Boxing, National Team Star, and Category Champion


Immersed in the exhilarating arena of boxing, one champion stands out among all, proudly carrying the colors of Belgium and the Moroccan roots flowing through his veins. At only 24 years old, Anas Haloui positions himself as a rising star in this noble sport, captivating the audience with his burning passion. Hailing from the city of Liège in Belgium, he embodies the very essence of the universal sports spirit while being a proud representation of his heritage.

Within the prestigious circle of boxing, Anas Haloui stands out as a true champion. Honoring his country, he holds the coveted title of Belgian Champion in his category, an achievement that attests to his unwavering dedication and technical mastery. However, his accomplishments extend beyond national borders. He is also a key player in the Belgian national boxing team, elegantly and proudly carrying his country’s hopes in international competitions.

While embracing his Moroccan roots with deep admiration, Anas Haloui is much more than an athlete in the ring. He is a symbol of resilience, a warrior who trains tirelessly to push his own limits. This unwavering determination is fueled by the unconditional support of his parents, who surround him with endless love and encouragement. The imprint of his athletic growth is also shaped by the BC Cocktail club in Droixhe, under the guidance of visionary Albert Syben. Exceptional mentors, including Roberto Vicari, Riccardo Pistonne, and Christian Defauwes, have contributed to sculpting Anas Haloui into an accomplished boxer while preserving the deep values of his origins.

At the dawn of a promising career, Anas Haloui eagerly awaits invitations that will propel him onto the international stage. His stature as the Belgian champion and his position within the Belgian national team attest to his competence and charisma in the ring. The world of boxing can expect to see this rising star shine even more brightly, illuminating the path to new heights and future conquests.



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