AngelLife Cosmetology and Wellness: Pioneering Growth and Innovation in Global Triumph Organization Recognizes AngelLife for Rapid Expansion in Aesthetics, Skin, and Hair Care


India’s Beauty & Aesthetics Landscape

In a glamorous event that brought together luminaries from the world of beauty, wellness, IT and governance, AngelLife Cosmetology and Wellness stood as a shining example of excellence. The grand business summit & awards, organized by the esteemed Global Triumph Foundation, unfolded at the lavish Aloft Hotel by Marriott, Bengaluru. The event marked the recognition of AngelLife as the “Fastest Growing Aesthetics, Skin, and Hair Care Brand in India ” Dr. Shashank Kharabanda, the CEO of AngelLife, proudly accepted the award and delivered an insightful talk on the untapped potential of aesthetics and cosmetology’s growth in India.

A Night of Glitz and Glamour

 Amidst the elegant ambiance of Aloft Hotel, the gathering witnessed a convergence of expertise, innovation, and aspiration. This evening, dedicated to honoring excellence, was graced by distinguished personalities including Shri Bhasker Rao, Former Additional Director General of Police Railways and former Commissioner of Police, Bangalore; Mr. R Gopinath Rao, IEDS, Deputy Director, MSME, Govt of India; and Dr. N. Prabhakaran, Former DRDO Vice Chairman, Dr. P. K. Rajput, Former Sr. Vice President – Cadila Pharma Ltd, Shri M.B Dyaberi, Former IAS and other bright minds and honourable citizens of our society. The event stood as a testament to the convergence of the beauty industry and influential minds who recognize its potential to transform lives.

Celebrating AngelLife’s Journey

The highlight of the evening was the recognition bestowed upon AngelLife Cosmetology & Wellness. The brand’s rapid growth and innovation in the fields of aesthetics, skincare, and haircare were acknowledged and celebrated. The accolade of being the “Fastest Growing Aesthetics, Skin, and Hair Care Brand in India for the Year 2023” is a testament to AngelLife’s dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and pioneering solutions that enhance natural beauty & anti aging treatments.

Dr. Shashank Kharabanda’s Insightful Talk

Dr. Shashank Kharabanda, the driving force behind AngelLife’s success, took the stage to not only receive the award but also share his profound insights on the potential of aesthetics and cosmetology’s growth in India. In his talk, he eloquently addressed the transformative power of the industry, touching on themes of empowerment, self-confidence, and well-being. Dr. Kharabanda’s visionary perspective illuminated the path forward for an industry that holds the potential to impact not just appearances but lives.

A Fusion of Beauty and Vision

The event served as a fusion of aesthetics and aspiration, celebrating the beauty industry’s accomplishments while underlining its potential for societal transformation. Shri Bhasker Rao’s presence underscored the industry’s importance in enhancing self-esteem and contributing to well-being. Mr. R Gopinath Rao’s attendance emphasized the government sector’s role in fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth. Dr. N. Prabhakaran’s participation highlighted the need for innovation, research, and development in driving the industry forward.

A Glimpse into the Future

As the afternoon unfolded with wisdom, applause, and inspiration, it offered a glimpse into the promising future of the aesthetics, skin, and hair care industry in India. The accolades bestowed upon AngelLife Cosmetology and Wellness and the insights shared by Dr. Shashank Kharabanda set the stage for an era of innovation, empowerment, and growth.

In celebration of AngelLife’s achievements and the industry’s potential, the event at Aloft Hotel by Marriott, Bengaluru illuminated the beauty of progress, innovation, and collaboration. As the day drew to a close, the air was electric with the shared determination to unlock entrepreneurship, participate in India’s growth and the potential of aesthetics and cosmetology’s growth in India and beyond.



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