Ani Swmai, The Movie Song, Achieves Over 100K+ Views in Record Time


Amidst the glittering New Year’s Eve premiere, “Ani Swmai,” a Kokborok language movie song, swept the audience off their feet on December 31, 2023. The song’s official release on New Year’s Day witnessed an unprecedented surge, crossing 100,000+ views within hours on YouTube. This accomplishment marks a triumphant success for a Kokborok language video song, capturing hearts and attention far and wide.

The movie song, encapsulating a timeless promise for eternity, delves into the narrative of enduring love amid the fragility of contemporary relationships. Against all odds, two souls commit to an unbreakable vow, pledging unwavering love until their last breaths. Their story is one of selfless love that transcends differences, proving that earthly matches are perfected by the sheer depth of affection.

The meticulously crafted production, starring the talented Adong Jamatia and introducing Hamjakma Reang, unfolds under the visionary direction of Sharmili Debbarma under Khathansa Production Banner. With soul-stirring playback by Parmita Reang and Novonil Chakma, complemented by the musical genius of Swkang Debbarma, “Ani Swmai” is not just a song; it’s an immersive experience of love and promises. As the views continue to soar, the song’s enchanting melody promises to linger in the hearts of audiences, setting the stage for a remarkable cinematic journey in 2024.

The grand premiere and subsequent overwhelming response to “Ani Swmai” mark a significant milestone in the realm of Kokborok language video, surpassing 100,000+ views in record time on YouTube for a kokborok movie song. The movie song has not only captivated hearts but also set a new standard for success in the digital landscape. The commitment to eternal love portrayed in movie song, coupled with the exceptional talent and creativity of the cast and crew, has truly resonated with audiences far and wide. Now, the anticipation builds as we await the release of the full movie ‘Ani Swmai’ from Khathansa Production.

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