Tensions in Manipur Border Town as Armed Militants Ambush Security Forces


In the border town of Moreh, Manipur, tensions are escalating rapidly as security forces face a series of ambushes by armed militants. Reports indicate that the situation has become increasingly volatile, with the latest incident marking the third ambush on security personnel within a span of three days.

The most recent attack occurred at around 4:20 pm in Moreh, Tengnoupal district, when armed miscreants launched an assault on security forces from Chawangphai Village ward number 7 and Kananveng. Two bombs were reportedly hurled at the security forces, further intensifying the conflict. In response, the security forces retaliated, engaging in a fierce gun battle to repel the attackers.

This recent incident follows a pattern of heightened violence in the region. Just yesterday, a fierce gun battle unfolded between security forces and armed militants in Moreh. The persistent attacks on security personnel indicate a disturbing trend, with the attackers demonstrating a brazen disregard for the safety of both civilians and law enforcement.

The initial flare-up occurred on Saturday, when armed militants targeted specialized commandos stationed in Moreh near the Key Location Point (KLP) of the Assam Rifles. The ambush resulted in an officer being injured, sparking a prolonged standoff. The exchange of gunfire continued through the night, causing disturbances in the area.

During the Saturday incident, a total of five police personnel sustained injuries. The attackers specifically targeted the barracks housing special police commandos, leading to four officers being injured while they were resting. This deliberate targeting of law enforcement facilities suggests a coordinated and calculated effort by the armed militants to undermine security in the region.

The continuous assaults on security forces not only pose a significant threat to the safety of law enforcement personnel but also create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity among the local population. The authorities are undoubtedly facing a formidable challenge in restoring peace and stability to Moreh.

As the situation unfolds, it is crucial for the relevant authorities to take decisive actions to address the root causes of these attacks and to ensure the safety of both the residents and those tasked with maintaining law and order in the troubled border town. The incidents in Moreh underscore the pressing need for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to tackle the security challenges facing Manipur’s border regions.



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