Another Golden Chapter in the History of Democracy’; Dr. Rajeev Menon congratulates Narendra Modi on his third term as Prime Minister


Dr. Rajeev Menon, National Organization General Secretary of the Republican Party, congratulates Narendra Modi to take oath as PM for third term with coalition allies. The cabinet is going to be completely different from the last 10 years of its rule. Narendra Modi’s rise will continue by giving more development and progress to India. There will be actions from his side to reduce inflation. Dr. Rajeev Menon said that the country’s transformation will be big development projects that are going to take place under the Modi government 3.0. Republican Party national president Ramdas Athawale has also been appointed as a minister for the third consecutive term in the Modi government. Ramdas Athawale’s ministerial post is a source of strength and pride for the RPI party. Dr Rajeev Menon said, This is a great recognition for the party at the national level and I wish him all the best.

Today marks the beginning of another golden chapter in the history of democracy. The active cooperation and love of people across the country is giving energy and inspiration to the Modi government. The manner in which the collective strength of democracy has been demonstrated is a guiding light for the whole world. Rajeev Menon shared. In the next five years, Modi will fulfil his dream of taking India to greater heights and taking India to the global stage. The light of people’s power and national strength will ignite the entire country.

Today is a happy day for the people who wanted the continuation of Modi rule in the country. The Modi government has set the stage for india’s pulse-driven development of 3.0. The development and welfare policies implemented by the Modi government in the last 10 years have given confidence to the people. With this, the Modi government is becoming one of india’s most popular governments. ‘I extend my warm congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his union ministers on taking oath today, Rajeev Menon said.



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