Anti-Tobacco Campaign Raises Awareness on World No Tobacco Day, in Tripura


On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, a dedicated anti-tobacco campaign took place in the bustling Belonia Bazar area on Monday, spearheaded by the South District Tobacco Control Cell. The collaborative efforts of the Health Department and Belonia Police Station aimed to educate the general public about the provisions of the Tobacco Act, particularly Section 4, which prohibits smoking in public places, and Section 6(A), which prohibits the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products to individuals below the age of eighteen.

The campaign kicked off with a comprehensive raid conducted across the area, resulting in the imposition of fines on eleven shopkeepers who were found in violation of the tobacco regulations. Each shopkeeper was fined Rs 1000 as per the prescribed penalties outlined in the Tobacco Act. The officials, determined to enforce the law effectively, also ensured that smoking was strictly prohibited in crowded areas within the market vicinity.

Dr. Subrata Das, Chief Health Officer, addressed the gathered reporters, highlighting the primary objective of the campaign: to raise awareness among the populace regarding the existing tobacco laws and to foster a deeper understanding of the detrimental effects associated with tobacco consumption. Dr. Das emphasized the importance of such initiatives in promoting a healthier and smoke-free society.

The campaign witnessed the active participation of various key individuals, including Inspecting Officer of Drug, Aditya Prakash Chakma, Nodal Officer Dr. Alak Das, and Tobacco Consultant Arijit Das, among others. Their presence and involvement further reinforced the significance of combating tobacco use and its adverse consequences.

World No Tobacco Day is an annual global observance held on May 31st, initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness about the health risks posed by tobacco use and advocate for effective tobacco control policies. It serves as a platform for governments, organizations, and individuals worldwide to promote anti-smoking campaigns, encourage tobacco cessation, and advocate for stronger tobacco control measures.

The joint efforts of the Health Department and Belonia Police Station have been instrumental in bringing the anti-tobacco campaign to fruition. By focusing on public education and strict enforcement of tobacco laws, they aim to curtail the prevalence of smoking and protect the well-being of individuals, especially the youth, who are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of tobacco.

Section 4 of the Tobacco Act, which prohibits smoking in public places, plays a crucial role in safeguarding non-smokers from secondhand smoke and reducing the social acceptability of smoking. By raising awareness about this provision, the campaign seeks to ensure that public spaces, such as the Belonia Bazar area, remain smoke-free zones, thereby promoting a healthier environment for all.

Similarly, Section 6(A) of the Tobacco Act prohibits the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products to individuals below eighteen years of age. This provision aims to protect minors from the detrimental effects of tobacco consumption and prevent them from becoming lifelong tobacco users. By emphasizing the importance of this provision, the campaign strives to create a barrier against underage access to tobacco products and discourage early initiation of smoking.

The anti-tobacco campaign in Belonia serves as a model for other communities and regions to follow. Through its diligent efforts in enforcing tobacco regulations, educating the public, and imposing penalties on violators, the campaign sets a strong precedent for tobacco control measures. It underscores the collective responsibility of individuals, community leaders, and authorities in working together to create a tobacco-free society.

As the campaign concluded, its impact was evident in the increased awareness among the public regarding the dangers of tobacco use and the need for stringent enforcement of tobacco laws. The success of this initiative will hopefully inspire similar endeavors in other areas, fostering a broader movement against tobacco and ultimately leading to improved public health outcomes.

The anti-tobacco campaign held in Belonia Bazar on World No Tobacco Day demonstrated the commitment of the Health Department and Belonia Police Station to combat tobacco use and protect public health. By raising awareness, enforcing regulations, and imposing fines on violators, the campaign aimed to create a smoke-free environment and safeguard individuals, particularly minors, from the harmful effects of tobacco. Such concerted efforts play a crucial role in building a healthier and tobacco-free society, setting an example for communities worldwide to follow.



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