Areca Nut Farmers in Jampui Hills Urge Government Assistance Amid Market and Transportation Woes


Areca nut farmers in the picturesque Jampui Hills of Tripura are grappling with pressing market and transportation challenges, prompting them to seek government intervention. The farmers have reached out to the state’s Horticulture & Agriculture Development Corporation Limited, urging assistance to address their plight.

Situated in Tripura’s North District, Jampui Hills shares its border with Assam and Mizoram, making it a critical region for agricultural activities. In a letter addressed to the Chairman of the state’s Horticulture & Agriculture Development Corporation Limited, Lalrawntlinga Sailo, President, and Lalmundika, Secretary, of the Jampui Farmers’ Union Co-Operative Society Limited outlined the persistent issues faced by areca nut growers.

Over the last fifteen years, areca nut cultivation has evolved into a vital cash crop for farmers in Jampui Hills and its adjoining areas. Encouraged by the government of Tripura and its various agencies, the production of areca nuts has seen a significant increase, becoming the primary source of income for numerous families in the region.

However, the absence of a systematic marketing infrastructure has compelled farmers to sell their produce to local traders, leading to market uncertainty. Furthermore, since 2021, farmers have encountered transportation hurdles in neighboring states, the sole route to the main market center. This has resulted in substantial financial losses for the farmers.

In their letter, the leaders of the Jampui Farmers’ Union Co-Operative Society Limited have urged the government to address the immediate transportation challenges by engaging in talks with the concerned authorities of neighboring states. They have also called for the establishment of a well-organized marketing system within Tripura to mitigate the problems faced by farmers.

The farmers emphasize the need for maximum benefits from their products and propose the establishment of a small-scale processing unit for areca nuts and its products in Jampui Hills. This, they suggest, could be facilitated through a cooperative society or other reliable agencies.

The letter concludes with a plea for favorable consideration of their aspirations and a request for necessary actions to be taken promptly. The farmers hope that government intervention will alleviate their challenges and contribute to the sustainable growth of areca nut farming in Jampui Hills.



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