Arms Seized, Three Arrested in Karbi Anglong


In Karbi Anglong, Assam, authorities have seized a cache of arms and arrested three individuals in a recent operation. The recovered weapons include firearms and ammunition. The arrests were made as part of ongoing efforts to curb illegal arms trafficking and maintain law and order in the region.

Acting on intelligence inputs, law enforcement agencies conducted raids in various locations of Karbi Anglong district. During the operation, they uncovered a significant quantity of arms hidden at different sites. Among the seized weapons were rifles, pistols, and cartridges, along with other ammunition materials.

The three individuals apprehended in connection with the arms recovery have been identified as residents of the area. They are currently in police custody, undergoing interrogation to ascertain the source and intended use of the seized weapons. Authorities suspect their involvement in illegal arms trading and are conducting further investigations into the matter.

The recovery of arms and subsequent arrests mark a significant development in the efforts to tackle the proliferation of illegal firearms in Assam. Such operations are crucial in preventing the misuse of weapons for criminal activities and maintaining peace and security in the region.

Local authorities have reiterated their commitment to combating arms smuggling and criminal activities in Karbi Anglong and across the state. They have called for cooperation from the public in reporting any suspicious activities or information related to illegal arms trade.

The seizure of arms and the apprehension of individuals involved in illegal activities reflect the proactive approach of law enforcement agencies in tackling the menace of illicit weapons. It underscores the importance of concerted efforts by the authorities to curb the circulation of arms and ammunition, which pose a threat to the safety and well-being of the public.

As investigations continue into the recovered arms and the arrested individuals, authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to maintain peace and security in Assam. The successful operation serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges posed by illegal arms trafficking and the necessity of robust measures to address them effectively.



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