Artificial Intelligence to Transform Patient-Centric Care: Meity-nasscom CoE


With an aim to explore the latest developments, applications of AI in healthcare and their impact on patients, Meity-nasscom CoE is hosting the 11th Edition of the Lifesciences & Healthcare Innovation Forum (LHIF11) on ‘Patient Centricity in the Digital age: Transforming Healthcare through AI’. The conference will bring together the key stakeholders from Industry, Government, Innovation and Technology to drive thought leadership to explore and discuss the implications, challenges, and best practices in this evolving healthcare landscape. You can register for the event at –

The conference, scheduled on June 30th 2023 in Bengaluru from 9:30am onwards, will provide insights into the current state of AI in Healthcare, its impact on patient care at the grassroots and tertiary settings, followed by discussion around the cutting-edge technologies and innovative AI applications that are transforming the healthcare landscape in India. On the sidelines, 4th edition of the most unique digital transformation initiative, Healthcare Innovation Challenge (HIC) is also being organized to encourage innovation in the healthcare segment.

Sanjeev Malhotra, CEO, Meity-nasscom CoE, said, “Healthcare is one of the most important sectors, that has the potential to transform thousands of lives and lead the socio-economic growth of the country. The rapid adoption and adaptation of new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence can unlock disruptive advancements in medical science, diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. The primary aim of the 11th edition of the Lifesciences & Healthcare Innovation Forum organized by Meity-Nasscom CoE is to highlight the most recent advancements in the healthcare space and collaborate with both the industry and government to facilitate widespread implementation of these innovative solutions.”

Delegates will be present from Government Departments including MeitY, MoHFW, NHA, State Health Agencies, Hospitals, Diagnostic Chains & Health Insurance Companies, Pharma & MedTech Companies, Startups, NHMs, CSR Heads, NGOs, Foundations, Not-For-Profits, Tech Enterprises, Academia, Associations, and Healthcare media correspondents to share insights on how DeepTech Innovation is disrupting the industry, key issues impacting the industry & digital transformation breakthroughs enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery.





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